Ayumi is a Japanese model and designer who appears in a number of Harajuku-kei fashion magazines. She is known as one of the pioneers in a new fashion style called “Kidz Rock.” As a model, Ayumi’s unique fashion style has inspired so many Harajuku-kei girls.
Following the release of her first fashion book titled “AyumiKidz” in October 2013, Ayumi is preparing to launch her first clothing brand “Aymmy in the batty girls” (“Aymmy” for short) in spring 2014. As the first brand to be directed by an aomoji-kei model, “Aymmy in the batty girls” will offer a wide variety of items that reflect Ayumi’s colorful and edgy style. “Aymmy in the batty girls” products are available at MARUQ .

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