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Mai Oshima 大島麻衣

m ai-oshima-22

Mai Oshima 大島麻衣 is a pretty and sexy Japanese gravure idol and singer from Noda, Chiba Prefecture, Japan. Born on September 11th, 1987, Mai Oshima is a former member of the highly popular Japanese girl group AKB48. In 2010, Mai Oshima made her solo debut with the single “Mendokusai Aijō”.

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Rena Nounen 能年玲奈


Rena Nōnen (能年 玲奈 Nōnen Rena?, born 13 July 1993) (also romanized as Rena Nounen) is a Japanese actress and fashion model.

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Haruka Ayase 綾瀬はるか

Ayase Haruka Cyborg Photoshoot 02

Haruka Ayase, born as Aya Tademaru on March 24, 1985 in Hiroshima Prefecture, is a popular Japanese actress, model, & singer. Her immediate family consists of her father, mother, and one brother. As a youth, Haruka was active in sports, playing basketball in middle school and competing in the Chugoku region Ekiden tournament (long-distance relay race) during junior high school. Then, during her freshman year in high school, Haruka started her career in the entertainment world by successfully auditioning for the 25th Horipro Talent Scout Caravan. At first her parents objected to Haruka pursuing a career in entertainment, but relented once they noticed her determination. Upon her arrival in Tokyo, Haruka worked out frequently and trimmed her weight by 6 kilograms.

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Saaya Irie 入江紗綾


Saaya Irie (入江紗綾 Irie Saay, born November 15, 1993, in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Japan) is a Japanese actress, voice actress, junior idol and singer. Her stage name is simply her given name, Saaya.

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Yoko Maki 真木よう子


Yoko Maki is a stunning Japanese actress with a serious set of photos. Outstanding!

Yoko debuted at 19 in the 2001 film Drug, but it was her role as Aya in The Princess Blade that launched her rise to fame. She has also featured in 2003′s Infection, the American remake of The Grudge and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Her list of acting roles is extensive through stage as well as the big and small screens.

She married in 2008 and announced she was pregnant but has continued her career, albeit at a reduced rate. She has also apperared in some photobooks, where she gets fairly nude. Unfortunately the photo editor seemingly got a little excited and used some of the most dubious editing techniques to hide the good bits. Reminds me of the joy/horror of finding a discarded porn mag only to find the pages stuck together… Continue reading

Noriko Kijima 木嶋のりこ


Noriko Kijima (木嶋のりこ Kijima Noriko) is a Japanese gravure idol and actress.

Noriko was born in Nagano Prefecture, Japan on March 22, 1988. She was one of the winners at the 2005 Seikore competition, short for Zenkoku Joshikousei Seifuku Collection, a Japanese national contest for girls of high school age to model school uniforms and bikinis. She has since made a number of gravure videos.

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Niwa Mikiho 丹羽未来帆


Niwa Mikiho 丹羽未来帆 is a young member of the Japanese idol group Canary Club キャナァーリ倶楽部. Born on September 27th, 1989 in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, Niwa Mikiho is also a popular gravure idol and actress.

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Emi Kobayashi 小林恵美


Emi Kobayashi 小林恵美 is a famous and hot Japanese gravure idol from Tokyo, Japan. During her modelling career, Emi Kobayashi has released many photobooks and appeared in a series of Japanese TV programmes.

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Aki Hoshino ほしのあき


Aki Hoshino ほしのあき is one of the most popular and famous bikini idols and actresses in Japan. With an angelic baby face, Aki Hoshino hardly looks like she is over 20 but this hot idol is actually 33 now. Born in Tokyo, Japan, Aki Hoshino has appeared in various Japanese TV shows, TV dramas and men’s magazines. Earlier this year, Aki Hoshino published a book named “Hoshino Body” giving advice to female readers on make-up tips and how to retain one’s body shape.

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Yumi Sugimoto 杉本有美


Yumi Sugimoto 杉本有美 is a 21-year-old famous Japanese gravure idol, actress and singer from Osaka, Japan. Yumi Sugimoto began her modelling career during elementary school, when she was chosen in a Grand-Prix semi-audition for the shōjo manga magazine Ribon りぼん. In July 2007, Yumi Sugimoto received her first lead role in TV series “Boys Esté”. In February 2010, Yumi Sugimoto released her debut single Harukoi.

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Risa Yoshiki 吉木りさ


Risa Yoshiki 吉 木りさ is a pretty and adorable Japanese gravure idol and ballad singer from Chiba Prefecture, Japan. Born on July 27th, 1987, Risa Yoshiki has produced a series of hot and sexy bikini and lingerie photos during her modelling career.

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Yui Koike 小池唯


Yui Koike 小池唯 is one of the youngest Japanese gravure idols from Saitama Prefecture, Japan. Born on April 4th, 1991, Yui Koike has produced a number of bikini and lingerie photo shoots and DVDs during her modelling career. Apart from modelling, Yui Koike is also an actress and has been on a few Japanese TV series and movies.

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Rina Akiyama 秋山 莉奈


Rina Akiyama 秋山 莉奈 is a popular Japanese gravure idol, actress and tarento. Born in Tokyo, Japan, Rina Akiyama has been named to have the “Best Ass in Japan” in 2007.

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Minase Yashiro 八代みなせ


Minase Yashiro 八代みなせ is a beautiful and sexy Japanese gravure idol and actress from Gifu Prefecture, Japan. Minase Yashiro was born on February 3rd, 1985 and she debuted as a gravure model in 2006. In 2008, Minase Yashiro made her film debut in the Japanese action film “The Machine Girl”, playing the lead role of Ami Hyūga.

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Yumi Kobayashi 小林優美


Yumi Kobayashi (小林優美 Kobayashi Yumi, born November 26, 1988) is a female fashion model from Tokyo, Japan. She belongs to the show-business production Burning Production, K.K. (株式会社バーニングプロダクション) and used to be belong to Platica Inc.

Her show-business name from July 2007 to March 2008 was Yumi Uno (宇野優美). Continue reading

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