A Sign Of Hope A Possible MH 370 Wing piece,  Tea Garden Restoration, Kyoto Makes Case For Culture…

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Japanese P-3C Orions Dispatched last year to search for the missing Malaysian Air MH370 were unable to detect a potential piece of the Boeing 777, as a recent group of items were found drifted into the banks of Reunion Island.

THE BBC has managed to get their take on the Story, and word has it that the most recently found piece of aircraft is going to be sent to France for testing.  France, who is the go-to country for reliability testing in this case, may have the appropriate equipment to provide a trace analysis to the missing flight, of which has been one of the largest aviation mysteries since the Bermuda Triangle Disappearance of Amelia Airheart in 1943.

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The debris appears intact, and may have been able to gain buoyancy after being dislodged or detached from other pieces of debris, or this could be a piece of blowout from the increased space traffic and air traffic in the area.  There appears to be some molluscs on the debris, which may have clues about the origin of the debris.


THE COORDINATED EFFORT to find the plane has been nothing short of miraculous, as foreign ministers and prime ministers and presidents all pitched in highly sensitive war and naval ships, and detective ships in search of the missing airline.  Included in the search have been:

  • Japan
  • USA
  • China
  • Royal Coast Guard
  • Australia
  • France
  • Malaysia
  • and possibly even Russia.


Now don’t get too excited, since the debris still has to go to France for testing.  Stay tuned for more coming soon.



Recent restoration treatment of the The Japanese Tea Garden in San Antonio is ready to transcend visitors into a dreamy trance, or mesmerize their eyes with green lushness.


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In true Kyoto Fashion, the Kyoto House has put a new bid to host the Cultural Affairs Agency, a bold bid to the other prefectures of Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Hyogo, Shiga and Wakayama.

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The Affairs Agency is important because it handles much of the Nation’s National Treasures, and between the varying house members, it would make Kyoto the main go-to Agency during that term.   Besides the National Treasure, the post comes with its own sub-level of politics, and levels of organizational development to support the development of freedom and prosperity:

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When looking from the point of view of maintenance for preservation, it seems like a very wise move, since the workers of the area will be the ones who support the local ecosystem that fits with the local model of governance.  It will be a good logical transgression according to the submission from Kyoto because the new orders of governance can easily be adapted to the pre-existing model of the bureaucracy.