Flight traffic altered to accommodate more flights, Lotus Flower attractions, Japan looks to Brits to tank in on submarine deal….

With plenty of global competitiveness in the Submarine sectors lately, the Japanese are looking to Britain to find some bidding power.   The big business deal for Australia, and potentially Japan, to provide the Defence Contract over Berlin’s Group could make the difference of $50 Billion Dollars, according to the Japan Today.

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Having a bidding competition ensures that both parts have to try and compete against each other to provide the best services and products at the most affordable price, and like all dominion countries operating under the Queen, Mr. Abbott just can’t go and sign off without getting some feedback from the England plans, which puts the Japanese salesmen in a good position as they try to woo the British advice into the matter.


2020 Olympic Planning Continues To Ramp Up Tokyo Business

While setting the record for the most expensive Olympic Stadium Construction Price Tag in the History of the World, even beating Sochi’s $51 Billion Price Tag.  The new MetLife Stadium is slated to top the charts at 252 Bil ion Yen.

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In order to help some of the costs of the stadium, the City and Country are already planning on revamping their services, including new flight arrangements to provide for increased air traffic between the local and international airports.

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