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Rika Ishikawa 石川 梨華


Lovely japanese girl Rika Ishikawa latest picture update: a cute lingerie set, a mini outdoor shoot and other recent photos of the babe.

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Kasumi Yamaya 山谷花純


Kasumi Yamaya (山谷 花純 Yamaya Kasumi, born December 26, 1996) is a Japanese actress and model who is affiliated with Avex Vanguard. She played the role of Kasumi Momochi (Momo Ninger) in the 2015 Super Sentai TV series Shuriken Sentai Ninninger.

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Rika Ishikawa 石川 梨華


Rika Ishikawa (石川 梨華 Ishikawa Rika?, born January 19, 1985), is a Japanese pop singer and TV/radio hostess, associated with the Hello! Project banner and best known as a former member of the pop group Morning Musume. She was the leader of the Japanese pop idol trio v-u-den until June 2008. She is working as a soloist, a member of the Japanese pop idol group Ongaku Gatas, in the pop duo Hangry & Angry as Angry, and as a current member of Dream Morning Musume.

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Emi Suzuki 鈴木 えみ


Emi Suzuki (鈴木 えみ born September 13, 1985 in the People’s Republic of China) is a Japanese fashion model and occasional actress. Widely known by her nickname Emichee, she has often been described as a “charismatic model” and is particularly popular among gyaru teenagers in Japan.
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