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Yuu Tejima 手島優


Yuu Tejima 手島優 is a famous and sexy Japanese gravure idol and actress from Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. Born on August 27th, 1984, Yuu Tejima has been in a couple of Japanese TV series and movies.

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Aya Kiguchi 木口亜矢


Aya Kiguchi 木口亜矢 is a young and lovely Japanese gravure idol and actress from Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Aya Kiguchi has a very sweet and cute smile which is loved by many Asian fans. Born on October 11th, 1985, Aya Kiguchi has been in a few TV dramas including “Rookies” and “Jyouou Virgin”. Throughout Aya Kiguchi’s modelling career she has taken a large number of photos, especially bikini and lingerie photos

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Mikie Hara 原幹恵


Mikie Hara 原幹恵 is a hot and leading Japanese gravure idol and actress. Born on July 3rd, 1987, Mikie Hara has acted in many TV series and appeared in many DVD videos. Mikie Hara has not only starred in the live series of “Cutie Honey”, she has also done several commercials which earned her more popularity.

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Mirei Kiritani 桐谷美玲


Mirei Kiritani (桐谷美玲 Kiritani Mirei) is a Japanese actress who played Mayoi Ayasato in the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney live-action film adaptation and voiced her in the Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney crossover game.

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Yuko Oshima 大島優子


Yuko Oshima [大島優子] born October 17, 1988 born in Yokohama, and was raised in Tochigi Prefecture. In 1996, she signed as a child actor with Central Kodomo Gekidan. In 2005, she began working as a junior idol in a short-lived idol project Doll’s Vox, which was produced by The Alfee vocalist Toshihiko Takamizawa.

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Erika Sawajiri 沢尻エリカ


Erika Sawajiri [沢尻 エリカ] was born on April 8, 1986 in Nerima, Tokyo and is a Japanese actress, model, and singer. Sawajiri’s claim to fame was her groundbreaking role in the Japanese drama 1 Litre of Tears where she portrayed a girl who suffered from the intractable disease spinocerebellar degeneration (SCD).

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Meisa Kuroki 黒木 メイサ


Satsuki Shimabukuro is a model, actress, and a singer and is better known by her stage name, Meisa Kuroki.  She has modeled for JJ, which is a popular Japanese fashion magazine.  Her first debut single was called “Like This” and her most notable film was “Assault Girls.”  Meisa Kuroki is the Japanese representative for Giogio Armani and is the international face for L’Oreal.

Meisa Kuroki’s mother is Japanese and her father is half Japanese and half South American.  The mixture of the two ethnicities is what makes Meisa’s beauty so unique.  Meisa can definitely be a famous international star if she can improve her English.  She is a young, talented artist who has the potential to reach great heights.

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