Imaizumi Yui is a member of Keyakizaka46 1st Generation.

  • Audition song: Hanamizuki (Hitoto Yo)
  • Favourite Nogizaka member: Hori Miona
  • Former member of the idol group Smile Gakuen under the name Kashiwagi Yui and nickname Yuiful.
  • She plays a number of instruments. As of her debut: piano (12 years), flute (2 years) and drums (1.5 years).
  • With 4 elder brothers she is the youngest in her family.
  • At Keyakizaka’s first greeting event, she ended her introduction with an acappella rendition of an original song she wrote: Sugao (Honesty)


Name: Imaizumi Yui (今泉 佑唯)
Birth date:September 30th, 1998.
Birth place:Kanagawa, Japan

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