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Month: June 2015

Models of The Month – June


A selection of the best models from this month . Enjoy the pictures inside the post .
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Japanese News

Today was a doozy around the world in the stock markets as Greece’s resistance sent a thunderbolt that shook the world markets.   Continue reading


As we wrap up the end of June, some retailers are looking to hike prices, especially in the food department, including chocolate, some sauces, and bread.

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Yae – [出身] アメリカ

Yae – An Up and Coming Model From Tokyo’s Okazaki Agency

Screen shot 2015-06-26 at 10.52.37 PM

Yae is a model from Tokyo that has experience with the Okazaki group, Continue reading

Nikkei reaches 18-year high

After what seemed like a long upward climb, the Japanese Nikkei has reached a new record.

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Thailand’s Finest


AKB48 – Japanese idol girl group


AKB48 (pronounced A.K.B. Forty-eight) is a Japanese idol girl group named after the Akihabara (Akiba for short) area of Tokyo, where the group’s theater is located, and its original roster of 48 members. As of August 2014, the group has expanded to include 140 members aged from their early teens to their mid-20s.AKB48’s producer, Yasushi Akimoto, wanted to form a girl group with its own theater (unlike pop groups performing occasional concerts and seen on television) and performing daily so fans could always see them live.This “idols you can meet” concept includes teams which can rotate performances and perform simultaneously at several events and “handshake” events, where fans can meet group members.Akimoto has expanded the AKB48 concept to several sister groups in Japan, China and Indonesia.

The group is one of the highest-earning musical performers in Japan, with 2013 sales of over $128 million,and has been characterized as a social phenomenon.As of March 2014 the group has sold over 30 million records, including over 28.78 million singles as of May 2014, the second-highest musical act in Japan in the number of singles soldand the highest by a girl group.AKB48’s twenty-seven latestsingles have topped the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart, with a record eighteen singles selling over a million copies; the 2013 single, “Sayonara Crawl”, sold over 1.87 million.In 2010 “Beginner” and “Heavy Rotation” placed first and second, respectively, on the list of Japan’s best-selling singles for the year. AKB48’s singles occupied the top five spots of the Oricon Yearly Singles Chart in 2011 and 2012, the top four in 2013 and the top five in 2014.

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Anne Watanabe 渡辺 杏


Anne Watanabe (渡辺 杏 Watanabe An, born 14 April 1986 in Tokyo) is a Japanese fashion model, actress, and singer.She is the daughter of film actor Ken Watanabe. In her modeling work, she is known by the mononym Anne.

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E-girls is a 20-member, Japanese, collective girl group signed to record company Rhythm Zone and managed by LDH and Avex Trax. It features all the members of the groups Dream, Happiness, Flower, and two original members who debuted as part of the group. They are the sister unit of the Japanese boy-band, Exile. The group name stands for Exile Girls Unit and Girls Entertainment project.

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Fujii Karen (藤井夏恋)

fujii karen

Fujii Karen (藤井夏恋) is a vocalist and performer of the Japanese pop vocal and dance unit Happiness and collective group E-girls.

She got scouted in her homeplace, Osaka, and entered the entertainment industry. While belonging to the office in which she got scouted, she participated in EXILE’s dance competition and started to attend the famous academy EXPG, studying both dancing and singing.

She began to become an active model for the fashion magazine “nicola” in the February, 2009 issue. In the spring of 2009, it was decided that she would become a member of the LDH unit Happiness among other EXPG students, and her official stage name became KAREN. In 2013, she changed her stage name to her birth name.

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Fujii Shuuka (藤井萩花)


Fujii Shuuka (藤井萩花) is a performer in the Japanese pop vocal and dance unitFlower and the collective group E-girls. She is one of the four original members, along with Mizuno Erina, Shigetome Manami and Nakajima Mio. She is one of the group’s dancers and attended EXPG Osaka. Apart from being a member of Flower, Fujii is also a model and actress. She was a child model from the age of 2 and started dancing at 3. She was a model for LOVE BERRY from 2007 until 2008. In 2008 she modeled under the name Miu with the kanji originally spelled as 美兎 but later changed to 美卯. She modeled for TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION in 2011 and 2012; in 2013 she modeled for KANSAI COLLECTION.

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Uemura Akari 植村あかり


Uemura Akari (植村あかり) is a Japanese pop singer signed to Hello! Projectas a member of Juice=Juice. She is also a member of the SATOYAMA Movement unit Sato no Akari. She was first introduced at the 2012 March “Nama Tamago Show!” concert as a member of Hello Pro Kenshuusei

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JAPANESE Models Pictures PACK


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Rosa Kato 加藤 ロ


Rosa Kato (加藤 ローサ Katō Rōsa, born 22 June 1985) is a Japanese actress and commercial model.

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