Tina Tamashiro (玉城 ティナ Tamashiro Tina, born October 8, 1997, in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan) is a Japanese model and idol who is represented by the talent agency, Dine and Indy.

Tamashiro is born with an American father and a Japanese mother. She met the president of her office when she was walking home with her friends.

In July 2012, Tamashiro won the Kodansha sponsored Miss iD 2013 Grand Prix. The organizer said “You find Tina Tamashio”which is said by Kodansha editor Tsukasa Kobayashi who is also playing a producer. Tamashiro later appeared in fashion magazines and served as an exclusive model for Vivi.

In a Vivi interview she wanted to be a “model idol”.

She is a big fan of Arashi’s Sho Sakurai, Idoling!!!’s Mai Endo, and AKB48’s Haruka Shimazaki to gather attention from active female idols.

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