Karina (香里奈 Karina) (born February 21, 1984) is a Japanese model and actress. Her birth name is Karina Nose (能瀬 香里奈 Nose Karina?). She was born in Shōwa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. She is considered one of Japan’s most beautiful women

  • Profile

    • Name: 香里奈 (かりな)
    • Name (romaji): Karina
    • Real name: 能瀬香里奈 / Nose Karina
    • Nickname: Kari-tan
    • Profession: Actress and model
    • Birthdate: 1984-Feb-21 (age 31)
    • Birthplace: Aichi, Japan
    • Height: 164cm
    • Weight: 46kg
    • Star sign: Pisces
    • Blood type: A
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