This week we can’t get enough of Rena Nounen [能年玲奈]!

Rena Nounen, born 13 July 1993, is a Japanese actress and fashion model best known for her lead role in the Japanese drama Ama-chan. Nounen debuted as a fashion model in 2006 and was selected as the eleventh spokesmodel for Calpis soft drinks in 2012. In 2012 she was chosen in an audition of 1953 women to play the heroine in the 2013 NHK Asadora Amachan, in which she plays a high school girl who decides to become an ama, or female shell diver, as well as an idol. Amachan [あまちゃん] was not only a ratings success, but brought economic benefits to Tohoku region and was considered a social phenomenon. Nounen served as the “PR Ambassador” for the 2013 Kohaku Uta Gassen and was a featured performer on the show, singing and leading the band.

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