Rila Fukushima (福島 リラ Fukushima Rira) is a Japanese fashion model and actress.

Originally attempting to secure a position as a model agent at a Tokyo agency, she was persuaded to try modelling instead. Her career has included work with a multitude of labels and brands in various print and motion media advertising campaigns.

Fukushima also starred in the 2013 superhero film The Wolverine as Yukio and in 2014, she appears in the Taiga drama Gunshi Kanbei as Omichi.

In August 2014, it was reported that Fukushima would replace actress Devon Aoki in the role of Tatsu Yamashiro for the third season of The CW television show Arrow.

80a67fa66de5edcc7ffef5e5db8a040e rila-1 rila-2 rila-fukushima-106389l rila-fukushima-141885l Rila Fukushima for Surface (May-June 2013) photo shoot by Jacob Hodgkinson rila-fukushima-167229l rila-fukushima-177889l rila-fukushima-236855l rila-fukushima-362016l rila-fukushima-378352l rila-fukushima-417109l rila-fukushima-446346l rila-fukushima-531964l rila-fukushima-574464l (1) rila-fukushima-574464l rila-fukushima-606613l rila-fukushima-663683l rila-fukushima-697990l rila-fukushima-713311l rila-fukushima-810982l rila-fukushima-850031l rila-fukushima-931885l rila-fukushima-979478l